Expertise in Marine/Maritime Accidents: Boats, Jetskis (Personal Watercraft), Ships, and Offshore Drilling Rigs.

Ship Accidents, including cruise ships and cargo ships
Hazardous Materials and Cargo
Crew / Passenger Injuries
Marine Cargo Loss and Damage Claims
Navigational Safety
Maritime Rules of the Road

Ferry Operations

Boating Accidents, including water skiing and Jet Skis

Fires and Explosions
Flooding and Sinkings
Collisions and Groundings
Passenger Injuries

Inland and Ocean Towing Vessel Accidents

Marina Accidents

Shipyard Mishaps

Longshoreman, Harbor Workers, and Stevedore Claims

Jones Act Accidents and Injuries

Human Factors
    Products Liability and Design Defects
    Warnings / Signs / Labels

Marine Safety Regulations
Marine Industry Standards
Seamanship Issues
Rules of the Road and Right of Way Issues
Coast Guard Regulations
Admiralty Issues
Aids to Navigation — Buoyage / Markers

Vessel Design and Construction and Equipment Codes
Vessel Operations, Repair and Maintenance

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